Network Disruption FAQs and information

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NET operates almost 1000 trips daily, operating tram services from every 3 minutes in the City Centre.

Although we aim to run our services to our timetable, from time to time there are events which prevent our trams from reaching their destination and often these events are beyond our control.

Q. What is considered to be a network disruption?

A. If we are unable to run to all destinations due to something preventing the trams from reaching the main terminus.

Q. What are the common causes of network disruption?

A. Third-party events which are beyond our control. These could be Road traffic incidents, traffic congestion, emergency services incidents, passengers feeling unwell on board or cars blocking our tracks. We also have occasions that are within our control and these might include tram faults. Our trams are very well maintained, but like any other vehicle, from time to time trams do develop faults whilst in service. It's important to note that some faults leave the tram in a stationary position and can't be moved for the safety of our customers and staff, but our technicians are sent to assist as quickly as possible.

Q. How does NET assist customers during a network disruption?

A. Luckily, most of our disruptions are dealt with very quickly, although we appreciate this may feel like a long time if you're trying to reach work or trying to get home. If we are unable to run to all destinations, we may ask NCT buses for assistance. We will then advise customers that some NCT bus services will be accepting tram tickets and passes. Using the bus services will help you to reach your destination or at least get you to a point on our network where tram services can continue until you reach the tram stop you need.

Q. Where are the nearest NCT bus stops from each tram stop?

A. For a full detailed map and list of all NCT bus stop locations near our tram network, please click here.

Q. Can I use my tram ticket on any NCT buses if there's a network disruption?

A. No, you are only able to use your tram tickets on buses that we have agreed with Nottingham City Transport. We will communicate which buses are accepting tram tickets via our social media channels, announcements at the tram stops and via the service updates section on the NET GO! app.

Q. Can I use my tram tickets on Trent Barton buses or local link buses during a disruption?

A. Unfortunately, not without an additional cost for a bus ticket. We do not have any agreements in place with other bus operators.

Q. Will East Midlands Railway accept my tram ticket during a network disruption?

A. On some occasions, we may have an agreement in place with EMR. We will advise customers via social media, announcements and NET GO service updates.

Q. If I get a taxi or a different bus during the service disruption, will NET refund my taxi/bus fare?

A. We do not offer refunds for any further costs incurred as a result of a network disruption, however, if we are unable to run our services to all destinations and you have to find another way to your destination, you may request a refund for your tram fare. All applications for refunds must be made in writing to the NET customer relations team at and each case will be dealt with on its own merits. Please retain your tickets which must be included in your request for a refund. You can find out more about our terms and conditions by visiting

Q. Where do I find out information regarding service disruption and details of where I need to go to get the NCT buses?

A. The easiest option is to follow our social media channels. We are on Facebook (Click here for Facebook) and Twitter (Click here for Twitter). We will often upload maps which show how our network is affected and show where you need to board and alight in order to use the NCT bus services. If you're not sure where the bus stops are located, you may wish to use your mobile's map application or even view a local area mini-map in the tram stop shelter. If you are still not sure, press the customer help point for more advice or send a quick WhatsApp to the NET customer relations team (add 0115 8246060 to your contacts). More information can also be found by clicking here.

Q. Does NET provide a replacement bus service to each tram stop in the event of unplanned service disruption?

A. Unfortunately we cannot provide a bus service that directly replaces our tram services. We do not operate any buses ourselves and will ask for support from Nottingham City Transport or East Midlands Railway. In the event of a service disruption, NCT buses will often support our customers by allowing them on selected NCT bus routes near to the tram network. Sadly, not all NCT bus stops are near our tram stops. You can find out more information by clicking here.

Q. I have issues with mobility or I'm in a wheelchair/mobility scooter. What can I do if I'm unable to reach my destination?

A. If you are struggling to walk the distance between the tram stop and the bus stop, then please use the customer help point located on the tram platform in order to speak with a member of our team for assistance. NCT buses can accept some wheelchairs but sadly may not be able to accommodate all wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Please use the customer help point and we will do our very best to assist you as quickly as possible so you can reach your destination.

Q. What is the difference between planned and unplanned service disruption?

A. Quite simply, an unplanned disruption is something that we could not have foreseen and have not planned for. We hate to see any inconvenience caused to anyone's journey, but unfortunately from time to time, things go wrong. When they do, we'll do all we can in order to get you to where you need to be.

Planned disruption on the other hand is something completely different. Usually, it takes place when we are replacing any of our tracks or carrying out maintenance that requires our lines to be isolated. We usually take many months to plan for these types of disruptions and therefore we can plan to include a dedicated bus replacement service which will help you to complete your journey with as little disruption as possible. We advertise any upcoming planned maintenance works here:

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